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WATCH: Leaked Earthquake DATA Confirms World Will End On 23 September

The Coming Convergence HAS grave predictions

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 20th September 2017 @ 6.21pm
a new film called  the coming convergence  has predicted the end of the world © press
a new film called 'The Coming Convergence' has predicted the end of the world

The recent increase in hurricanes, fires, solar activity, and earthquakes have now reached epidemic levels, but a new film called 'The Coming Convergence' has predicted all this would happen.

The film wasn't based on wild conspiracy theories, but rather on a result of collected scientific data revealing a 'natural trend' supporting the biblical prophecy of the world ending on September 23.

Authors like David Meade, whose book "Planet X - The 2017 Arrival" says the recent surge in natural disasters is a result of Planet X heading towards earth. Meade also studied a number of Bible verses from the book of Luke (Luke 21:25-26) which also points towards the hurricane epidemic.


A Brazilian politician claimed that NASA workers admitted the existence of 'Planet X' otherwise known as ' Nibiru' which will enter the earth solar system by September 23rd.

The arrival of the planet is said to cause chaos with the earth gravitational pull causing worldwide earthquakes, Tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions.

Brazilian senator Telmario Mota said:

“Planet X already has an impact on the gravitational field of the Earth, the world is already facing natural disasters of unprecedented strength, very soon two-thirds of humanity will die of hunger disease, and powerful disasters will shake the planet and our civilization will die.”

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