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Crowds Panic As Giant Wormhole Opens Up In Sky Over Philippines

opening to another dimensions in Pagadian City

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 2nd May 2017 @ 12.12pm
crowds in pagadian city in the philippines were left in awe was appeared to be a © press
crowds in Pagadian City in the Philippines were left in awe was appeared to be a

Stunned crowds in Pagadian City in the Philippines were left in awe when, what appeared to be, a "giant wormhole" opened up in the sky.

The spectacle ignited speculations that it was an opening to another dimension.

The clip was filmed but Elle Salikala, over Pagadian City, Zamboanga, and has since gone viral over social media platform Facebook.


The express reports: The stunning sight led to claims it was anything from a wormhole - a theoretical portal to another dimension, to aliens, or other paranormal phenomena.

The footage has been uploaded to UFO and conspiracy theory websites and YouTube channels.

Scott C Waring, the editor of ufosightingsdaily.com, blogged: "The colors are scientifically impossible for them to occur in clouds, however for a cloaked UFO it's very possible.

"The easiest and most relaxing way a UFO can come close to a human community is by making itself appear as a cloud."

"At this time there is a small chance that the odd position of the sun and the eyewitness will allow them this rare look at a UFO observing them back. "This is a magnificent alien craft we are looking at here."

Mr. Waring provided no evidence to back up his outlandish claims, but there is a long-running conspiracy theory that some UFOS can conceal themselves by producing a cloud-like substance around them.

One viewer posted: "What is that? It looks like some sort of wormhole opening up."

And another said: "A sign from above?"

But, the truth is the stunning visual was later fully explained.

ABS-CBN resident meteorologist Leonilo Millar said the multi-coloured phenomenon was "cloud iridescence".

This is caused by a distribution of light through small water droplets in the clouds.

He said: "This phenomenon will not occur if the water droplets that formed in the clouds are too big."

He said it could happen anywhere if conditions were right.

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