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NASA Preps Space Fleet For Comet Fly By: Are We In Danger Of Impact?

Mars Is About To Encounter Comet

By: Jack Hopkins  |@MrJayHop
 on 10th October 2014 @ 1.38pm
nasa claim that is it    less than one tenth the distance of any known comet flyby of earth   © WikiMedia
NASA claim that is it “less than one-tenth the distance of any known comet flyby of Earth”

NASA is all systems go for the close comet encounter that’ll be passing Mars on the 19th of October. It is the closest passing of a comet being recorded in such detail by the fleet of technology awaiting its arrival. But is there a possibility of it striking earth?

On the 19th of october a comet by the name of C/2013 A1 will be passing Mars at a speed of 126,000mph. The rover on the red planet and all assets involved will be able to study in detail the effects it has on the atmosphere and allow researchers to gather information and understanding of what occurs in such a close encounter.

C/2013 A1 will be passing at a distance around 87,000 miles which sounds ridiculous, but is in fact smaller than half the distance between Earth and our Moon. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that is being eagerly anticipated by scientist around the world.

NASA claim that is it “less than one-tenth the distance of any known comet flyby of Earth”

This is the first comet to come in the close proximities of our solar system which will give unwilted clues and data about the birth of our solar system. The comet is coming from a Oort Cloud which is a part of space near the sun, the area is thought to be a colossal array of iced objects left from the emergence of our solar system.

Will it hit earth? 

NASA say there is no need to worry, high velocity dust particles may cause some shooting stars, but evidence suggests earth will have any issues. However, we all remember the Russian Meteor right?  That casual rock that flew in out of space causing a handful of injuries… We didn’t see that coming and the effects were quite brutal.

Maybe sit in your basement on the 19th as a safety precaution.

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