Extremely Rare color film shows How London looked in 1927

Original Biocolour Film Enhanced by BFI

By: Steve McQueen
 on 11th January 2014 @ 10.31pm
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Photographer and classic Film maker Claude Friese-Greene is famed for shooting a few of the first  colour film footage in London - the video below is from way back in 1927!



Film pioneers are usually associated with French names like Lumiere and Melies, but Friese-Greene’s style captures London in acute detail for its time.  The video is eerily calm and doesnt look that much different from the London we know today - see what you think?

The British Film Institute have used computer enhancement to minimise the flickering and low quality of the original bicolour film.


Source deathandtaxes

Photo Credit: Youtube/TheBritishFilmInstitute

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