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Pope Francis: Humans Are Turning The Earth into 'Rubble' with Climate Change

The Pontiff said that humans have created an unsustainable environment

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 6th July 2018 @ 4.00pm
the pontiff said that humans have created an unsustainable environment © press
The Pontiff said that humans have created an unsustainable environment

Pope Francis has urged governments across the world to save the earth from human-inflicted global warming, warning climate change is about to turn the world into “rubble, deserts and refuse”.

The Pontiff said that humans have created an unsustainable environment were development and rampant consumption can no longer be sustained by the earth.

Francis made the appeal at a Vatican conference which marked the third anniversary of his landmark environmental encyclical Praise Be.

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The DM reports: The document, meant to spur action at the 2015 Paris climate conference, called for a paradigm shift in humanity’s relationship with Mother Nature.

In his remarks, Francis urged governments to honour their Paris commitments and said institutions such as the IMF and World Bank had important roles to play in encouraging reforms promoting sustainable development.

“There is a real danger that we will leave future generations only rubble, deserts and refuse,” he warned.

The Paris accord, reached by 195 countries, seeks to avoid some of the worst effects of climate change by curbing global greenhouse gas emissions via individual, non-binding national plans.

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US President Donald Trump has said the US will pull out of the accord negotiated by his predecessor unless he can get a better deal.

Friday’s conference was the latest in a series of Vatican initiatives meant to impress a sense of urgency about global warming and the threat it poses in particular to the world’s poorest and most marginalized people.

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Recently, Francis invited oil executives and investors to the Vatican for a closed-door conference where he urged them to find alternatives to fossil fuels.

He warned that climate change was a challenge of “epochal proportions”.

And next year, Francis has called a three-week synod, or meeting of bishops, specifically to address the church’s response to the ecological crisis in the Amazon, where deforestation threatens what he has called the “lung” of the planet and the indigenous peoples who live there.

“It grieves us to see the lands of indigenous peoples expropriated and their cultures trampled on by predatory schemes and by new forms of colonialism, fuelled by the culture of waste and consumerism,” Francis said.

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