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Pope Francis Backs Big Oil: ‘Humans Should Pay MORE for Energy’

The Pontiff said the only way to move forward in combating climate was to tax humans

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 16th June 2018 @ 2.12pm
the pontiff said the only way to move forward in combating climate was to tax humans © press
The Pontiff said the only way to move forward in combating climate was to tax humans

Following a meeting between Pope and Oil Energy executives earlier this June, they have both agreed that humans should pay more for energy by planning to slap a massive tax on carbon emissions.

The Pontiff said the only way to move forward in combating climate was to tax humans 'even more.'

Francis hosted a two-day summit at the Vatican between June 8 and 9, inviting corporate oil tycoons to come and discuss the how they will tackle global warming.

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The Catholic leader agreed that people should "pay even more" for energy, but should a plan like this go ahead, it will cripple millions of families and force them into poverty.

The DailyCaller reports: Most who took part in the summit agreed that a fee on carbon emissions is pivotal in reforming the U.S. energy sector, according to an Axios report.

Ernest Moniz, who served as an energy secretary under the Obama administration, took part in the summit and said “one of the areas of focus was carbon pricing to create market incentives for the transition to a low-carbon system.”

Key members who met with Pope Francis include ExxonMobil Chief Executive Darren Woods, BP CEO Bob Dudley, Equinor CEO Eldar Saetre and numerous others.

The idea of a carbon tax — a fee charged onto companies according to the amount of carbon emissions their plants emit into the atmosphere — has been recommended as a “market friendly” method to controlling CO2 pollution.

While carbon tax proposals appeared popular at the Vatican, it has not garnered the same amount of support in Congress. Majority Whip Steve Scalise and West Virginia Rep.

David McKinley introduced a House resolution in April that explicitly condemns a tax on carbon dioxide pollution. 

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In a public letter of support for Scalise’s resolution, a group of conservative organizations claimed that a carbon tax would ultimately result in a loss of jobs and higher electricity bills:

“For example, a 2014 Heritage Foundation report found that a $37 per ton carbon tax would lead to a loss of more than $2.5 trillion in the aggregate gross domestic product by 2030. That is more than $21,000 in income loss per family,” a portion of the letter read. “In addition, a carbon tax would cost over 500,000 jobs in manufacturing and more than 1 million jobs by 2030. According to a 2013 CBO report, a carbon tax is highly regressive.”

House members have yet to vote on the anti-carbon tax resolution. However, the lower chamber of Congress passed a similar version in June 2016, collecting six Democratic votes and zero Republicans opposition.

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