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Major Terrorist Bomb Attack at a US Airport - Mainstream Media Blackout

Man arrested after declaring he wanted to 'start a war on US soil'

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 12th October 2017 @ 1.51pm
michael christopher estes said he wanted to  start a war in us soil  by bombing the airport © press
Michael Christopher Estes said he wanted to 'start a war in US soil' by bombing the airport

A man has been arrested after he attempted to bomb the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina, declaring he wanted to "start a war on US soil".

Michael Christopher Estes had successfully planted the deadly explosive device, packed with nails and bullets, inside the airport.

The bomb was set on a timer to explode in the middle of a busy terminal, with police confirming that it would've resulted in a huge loss of life.

The terrorist's plot was only thwarted when someone alerted the authorities to a "suspicious package" in the building.

Despite the severity of the attack, and the potential number of deaths had the plan been successful, there's a complete mainstream media blackout on the case.

The Intercept reports: On past Friday morning, at 12:39 a.m., security footage from the Asheville Regional Airport in North Carolina showed a man walking through the front doors wearing black clothing and a black cap while carrying a bag.

“Based on a review of the video, the individual walked near the entrance to the terminal, went out of sight momentarily, and was then seen departing the area without the bag,” according to the criminal complaint.

Following the Transportation Security Administration’s protocols, airport security allowed a bomb dog to sniff the bag for explosives and the dog signaled to the team the presence of dangerous materials in the bag.

The concourse was then shut down. The street leading to the airport was shut down.

And Asheville Regional Airport officials found themselves in a dangerous emergency situation.

What investigators eventually found in the bag were AN/FO (Ammonium Nitrate/Fuel Oil) explosives that, according to the criminal complaint, have been used “in a number of terrorist-related incidents around the world. When AN/FO comes into contact with a flame or other ignition source it explodes violently. Nails or ball bearings are often items added to the device so as to increase the devastation inflicted by the explosion.”

the criminal complain for the terrorist attack © Press
The criminal complain for the terrorist attack

In fact, sharp nails and bullets were found in this improvised explosive device.

Whoever built it designed the bomb to cause horrific bodily harm.

Before disarming it, authorities discovered that the alarm attached to it was scheduled to go off at 6:00 a.m. that morning just as a fresh round of travelers was scheduled to arrive at the airport.

The man who planted it, it turns out, openly admitted to authorities that he was “preparing to fight a war on U.S. soil” and that this bomb was but one part of that war.

Little Fanfare

You most likely never heard about it.

The story didn't receive any play at all beyond a few mentions in the local paper and some isolated pickup by a few national outlets.

The story didn’t go viral and the mainstream media didn't pick up on it because the bomb was not placed by an immigrant, or a Muslim, or a Mexican.

It was placed there by a good ol’ white man, Michael Christopher Estes.

Unlike the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, whose motive is still hard to discern, Estes wanted to be very clear that his ultimate goal was to accelerate a war on American soil.

Had it fit in with their agenda, mainstream American outlets would be covering the heroic bravery of those who thwarted the terrorist plot.

We’d all be seeing footage of the perpetrator being walked from the police car to the jail and from the jail to the courtroom.

Out loud, people would talk and tweet about the man’s family and friends and networks — wondering where he was radicalized, and if anyone else feels the way he does.

In this case, though? Crickets. We hear nothing at all — almost exclusively because the man who planted an improvised explosive device, just like ones that have been used to murder and maim people all over the world, was white.

His guilt starts and stops with him.

His actions aren’t an indictment of his whole faith, political outlook, and race. 

White people aren’t, thanks to Estes, suddenly labeled terrorists or seen as a threat to American safety in the way that would almost certainly happen had it been anybody other than a white man.

This is a perfect example of how the Western mainstream media is used by governments as a propaganda tool.

Or perhaps this was one of those rare examples where a genuine rogue terrorist tried to commit a large-scale act of terrorism that the government or intelligence agencies didn't have a hand in engineering.

Usually, false flag attacks are carefully orchestrated with a pre-planned agenda already in place and the MSM on standby ready to force the "official" narrative down the throats of the TV-watching citizens.

Maybe Michael Christopher Estes was the first actual terrorist to launch an attack in a long time, and that's why this story will barely see the light of day.

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