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Hotel Staff Confirm 2 Guests Stayed in Las Vegas Shooter’s Room

Room service staff produce receipts proving two people were ordering food

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 4th October 2017 @ 2.55pm
hotel confirm a second mystery shooter stayed in stephan paddock s room © press
Hotel confirm a second mystery shooter stayed in Stephan Paddock's room

Hotel staff from the Mandalay Bay Hotel have blown the whistle to reveal that a second mystery shooter was also staying in Stephen Paddock's room during the Las Vegas massacre.

Workers from the hotel confirmed that two people were coming and going from the suspected shooter's room.

Aside from their eyewitness accounts, staff members have also produced room service receipts for the room that show two people were being waited on in the room that Paddock was shot and killed in.

The receipts clearly show that more than one guest was staying in the room as during the time Paddock was allegedly staying there in the run-up to the attack.


reports confirms gunshots coming from multiple hotel rooms © Neon Nettle
Reports confirms gunshots coming from multiple hotel rooms

Infowars reports: The table number is “32135” – which equates to Paddock’s room number (135) on the 32nd floor.

Paddock ordered a burger, a bagel with cream cheese, a potato soup, one bottle of water and two Pepsis, suggesting that there was another person eating with him in the room. The receipt shows the number “2” next to the word “Guests”.

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The date on the receipt also says September 27, whereas authorities assert that Paddock checked in the day after on September 28.

Paddock’s guest could not have been his girlfriend Marilou Danley because she was in the Philippines at the time.

The individual who posted the receipt appears to have deleted it from his Facebook page, although the page still shows that he works at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

Another source told Laura Loomer that the gunman actually checked in on September 25, three days before authorities said he did.

room service receipt shows additional guests were staying and eating in the hotel room © Facebook
Room service receipt shows additional guests were staying and eating in the hotel room

Authorities must surely now be on the hunt for whoever Paddock dined with in order to ascertain whether this individual was involved in the plot and whether or not it was the same woman who reportedly told concert-goers they were “going to die” 45 minutes before the shooting took place.

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