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President Trump: Flu Shots Are The Greatest 'Scam' In Medical History

Warns how Big Pharma makes money from sick people

By: Jay Greenberg  |@NeonNettle
 on 28th January 2017 @ 10.27am
president trump lashes out at big pharma for flu shots  scam © press
President Trump lashes out at Big Pharma for flu shots 'scam'

Donald Trump has launched a scathing attack on Big Parma claiming that the use of flu shots on US citizens is the 'biggest medical scam in history' with large pharmaceutical companies taking advantage of vulnerable people by making them sick for profit.

The President claims to have never taken a flu shot due to not liking the idea of injecting his body with "bad stuff".

Since taking office, Trump has cracked down on Big Pharma, who he says are "getting away with murder," and has vowed to revamp federal laws for buying prescription drugs.

"Pharma has a lot of lobbyists and a lot of power and there is very little bidding. We're the largest buyer of drugs in the world and yet we don't bid properly and we're going to save billions of dollars."

YNW reports: In an interview with Opie and Anthony on Sirius XM, Trump slammed flu shots as “totally ineffective” and declared that he has never had one.

“I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with.

“I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.“

Trump is right – flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in history. They are full of “bad stuff” including formaldehyde and mercury – two powerful neurotoxins – and the vaccine industry even admits that laboratory tests prove the popular jab does not work.

Why is a toxic, medical hoax, backed by nothing but voodoo faith-based dogma and clever marketing, pushed on the whole population every year?

Vaccines are the one medicine where no scientific evidence of safety or efficacy is required by anyone: not the FDA, not the CDC and not the media. Congress even passed a law protecting the vaccine industry with absolute legal immunity, even when they manufacture and sell defective products that injure and kill people.

And vaccine manufacturers have been lying to us for years about toxic levels of mercury in flu shots. 

Everybody knows mercury is toxic to inject into the human body. That’s not debated except by irrational anti-science denialists.

So why won’t manufacturers remove the mercury? And why does Big Pharma continue to push a product that the vaccine industry admits does not even work?

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