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Hoax Reports Of RFID Chips In Ebola Vaccine Circulate

Controversy and conspiracies regarding the CDC and the epide

By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
 on 21st October 2014 @ 11.44am
hoax report claims the ebola vaccine contains rfid microchips  but highlights conspiracy theories of a sinister cdc   government plot © Twitter
Hoax report claims the Ebola vaccine contains RFID microchips, but highlights conspiracy theories of a sinister CDC & government plot

Shocking fake reports have circulated detailing allegations from a former Centre for Disease Control (CDC) contractor that the Ebola vaccine to be handed out to US citizens contains RFID microchips. Satirical news website National Post published the hoax report, however the phony allegations highlight conspiracy theories that the CDC and government are working together to carry out a sinister plan.

The National Report hoax article talks of Brent Hopskins claiming that CDC officials aim to issue vaccine syringe packages to over 200,000 US households by December, but the drug can also be bought at local pharmacies. Hopskins reportedly indicates that RFID microchips, subdermal identifying implants in human beings sometimes used for medical records, are inside the medicine and those who refuse to be take the drug ‘will face serious hurdles’ – regarding employability, access to public places, obtaining future medical treatment and even allegedly face jail time.

Hopskins is quoted to have said, “The American government wants to implant RFID chips in every man, woman and child. They are now using the threat of Ebola to push this nefarious plot. The public is forced to make a decision between the horrible demise that Ebola offers, or relinquish every ounce of their privacy by getting an RFID chip implanted under their skin”.

“This is a baby step towards complete control of the masses who have grown increasingly frustrated and distrustful of the powers that be. The ultimate goal of the United States Government is to enslave all people who fall below a particular tax bracket and Ebola is how they’re going to do it”.

“I cannot sit idly by as these atrocities unfold”.

But even though the report is a hoax, it touches upon controversies and conspiracy theories surrounding the Ebola epidemic, as well as the fear of an elite desperately trying to control humanity. Disclose TV points out that ‘There’s chips in your phone, your PC, your tablet, your car, your television set & in just about every major appliance you own and use on a daily basis’, and the implantation of chips would simply be another to add to the collection of technological devices used as tools in the controlling agenda of governments.

cia insider robert steele warned of an ebola false flag operation two weeks before it reached dallas © Robert Steele
CIA insider Robert Steele warned of an Ebola false flag operation two weeks before it reached Dallas

In addition, many believe that the current Ebola epidemic is a form of bioterrorism created by the US government, a false flag event, or both. Info Wars spoke to a CIA insider who made shocking allegations against US authorities. These accusations have been further fuelled by blunders by the CDC and other health authorities, such as lack of sufficient protocols, protection and training when handling infected cases. In September, activist and former CIA clandestine services case officer Robert David Steele warned Alex Jones of an Ebola false flag plot in the US merely two weeks before the first case was confirmed in Dallas.

“They will have another false flag, in fact the false flag that I’m hearing about is a simulated Ebola attack in which they actually use biochemical weapons that dissipate and then they pretend it’s Ebola”, Steele told Jones.

“The next false flag could lead to a strike across this country”.

Info Wars also broadcasted more allegations that the botched response to the Ebola outbreak was ‘on purpose’. A first responder and emergency manager in Texas called in with revelations regarding the response to the pandemic. The insider, who worked as a first responder during the Hurricane Katrina disaster, said that the military and national guard would lock down the region, civilians would have to go to hospitals to be screened, the infected would be isolated at military bases until the sickness had passed or they succumbed to it and nobody would be allowed to travel into the area in order to contain the virus.

“The reason I know the Ebola outbreak is being conducted on purpose is because it violates all protocols”.

“That fact that it’s being allowed to travel to the United States is insane, the fact that emergency operations have not been activated is insane. And this is on purpose and by design”.

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