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A ‘Probable’ Case Of Ebola Has Been Found In Paris

French authorities are conducting tests

By: Sasha Sutton  |@SashaEricaS
 on 10th October 2014 @ 2.32pm
parisian doctors are treating a  probable  case of ebola at bichat hospital © Twitter
Parisian doctors are treating a 'probable' case of Ebola at Bichat Hospital

The deadly Ebola virus could be spreading further in Europe after reports state that a woman is being treated at a Paris hospital. French authorities are conducting tests on the suspected case, after it is believed she may have contracted the disease whilst in Africa.

The Independent reports that doctors are currently awaiting results of medical tests on the woman, reportedly not believed to be a French national, who has been quarantined at the Bichat hospital in northern Paris. The samples were sent to a lab at the National Reference Centre For Viral Haemorrhaging Fevers in Lyon and the condition of the patient changed from ‘suspected’ to ‘probable’ on the risk assessment level scale by the Institute of Health Surveillance (INVS).

France’s health ministry have not commented further as to whether this is a confirmed case of the lethal virus. “We cannot comment on the suspected case of Ebola. If a case were to be confirmed in France, the public will be informed immediately”, said health ministry officials, in a Europa1 report. “But this is not the case at the moment”,

The news comes after a false alarm yesterday, when a building near Paris with 60 people inside had to be sealed off by French authorities. According to the Telegraph, police put the building on lockdown after fears that four people inside had caught to virus after arriving back from Guinea and falling ill with headaches and fevers. French newspaper The Local cordoned off the building after the workers showed flu-like symptoms, but the threat was a false alarm and the individuals were allowed to leave. 

german police wear masks amid warnings that ebola will spread to europe © Twitter
German police wear masks amid warnings that Ebola will spread to Europe

Government authorities have been on high alert as scientists warned that Ebola could spread to Europe by the end of the month. France is the most likely to be hit, as researchers have said there is a 75 per cent chance the virus could be imported there due to close links with French-speaking West African nations such as Guinea and Liberia.

Concerns also grew when a Spanish nurse who tested positive for Ebola is not fighting for life and seven others were also hospitalised. And last week, a French Doctors Without Borders nurse became the first French national to catch the disease whilst volunteering in Liberia. New York Daily News reported that the nurse was airlifted home, and was cured using an experimental vaccine.

But French Prime Minister Manuel Valls warned media and authorities to stop creating a ‘movement of panic’, according to RFI, as officials have assured that Europe will not see an Ebola outbreak.

“The concern is for authorities and press not to keep causing panic like we are seeing”, said Valls, according to 20 Minutes. “You have to be careful”.

European Health Commisioner Frédéric Vincent also helped to quash any fears in Europe. "An Ebola epidemic in Europe is highly unlikely", he said.

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