73% Of ALS Foundation Donations Are Not Used For Research

Ice bucket challenge proceeds spent on costs and salaries

By: Megan Saad
 on 29th August 2014 @ 4.09pm


The viral ice bucket challenge taking the internet by storm aims to raise awareness for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in a fun way. So far the challenge, accepted by celebrities and regular folk alike, has stacked up almost $100 million (over £60 million) in donations towards research into the condition.


BUT, despite the good intentions of its donors, the ALS Foundation has admitted that over 73% of the donated money is going towards fundraising, overhead expenses, executive salaries and external donations. Leaving just under 27% for research into Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, its intended purpose.


Charitable watchdog ECFA deems these figures to be unacceptable, as under their definition, a reliable charity is supposed to ensure that at least 80% of its donations go towards their intended projects. At the moment the executive employees of the ALS Foundation are all receiving six-figure salaries, ranging from $110,661 (£66,705) to $339,475 (£204,630) a year.


Perhaps those accepting the popular ice bucket challenge online should invest their donations more wisely in the future, into causes more likely to hold accountability for where your hard-earned cash is going.


Photo Credit: Politicalears.com

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