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8 Mad Things You Didn’t Know About This Is England

Are you a True TIE Fan? Test Your Knowledge Here!

By: Layla Randle-Conde
 on 12th September 2016 @ 11.12am
8 mad things you didn   t know about this is england

Rumours that the third and final TV series This Is England ‘90 are in full swing. Get ready for more sex and crime against a Northern backdrop. Here’s a list of 9 surprising facts about This Is England. 

How many did you already know?


The Parrot

the parrot © tumblr

The parrot in This Is England ’86 actually belonged to actor Joe Gilgun.  It escaped during filming, and Sheffield radio put out an appeal to find it.  It was found by a member of the public, who was astonished when Joe Gilgun who plays Woody turned up at their house to collect it.

The Machete

 the machete © blogspot

Actor George Newton who plays Banjo, kept the machete he threatened everybody with as a memento.  When his house was burgled shortly afterwards, the thieves left bottles of vintage wine and even some jewellery behind, but stole the machete!

The Video Shop

the video shop © sickchirpse.com

The comedian and TV prankster Facejacker is a fan of the series and shot a scene in Mr. Sandu’s video shop, playing a difficult customer.  This sadly ended up on the cutting room floor, but appears in the extras on the DVD in This Is England ’86.

Ian Brown As A Policeman

 ian brown as a policeman © tumblr

Yes, that is Manchester singer Ian Brown dressed as a policeman, rugby-tackling the cast in This Is England ’86.

Satellite Dishes

satellite dishes © dailymail

Although the series is set in the 1980’s, in some of the shots of streets and houses, modern satellite dishes and lampposts are visible.

Boom Mike Reflection

boom mike reflection © escapistmagazine

Because the series is set in the 1980’s, a lot of attention is paid to getting the locations and sets looking authentic & making sure nothing is out of place.  But if you look closely at the spectacles of the National Front speaker in the movie, you’ll see a boom mike reflected in the lenses.

Teardrop Tattoo

teardrop tattoo © whatculture

Combo, played by actor Stephen Graham wears a small teardrop tattoo sometimes called a ‘Borstal Tear’ under his eye.  Traditionally this indicates that the person has spent time in prison or killed somebody.


blockbusters © virginmedia

You may remember the TV quiz show ‘Blockbusters’, which the cast can be seen watching in the series.  But the series is set in June/July, and ‘Blockbusters’ didn’t appear onscreen until August of that year.

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