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Top Ten Moments From Conspiracy Truth Seeker Mark Windows

Host Of TPV (The Peoples Voice) Takes On The World

By: Ron Baitley-Simens, Marnie Wayne
 on 10th March 2014 @ 2.15am
top ten moments from conspiracy truth seeker mark windows

These are a must see, not just for the information they bring but also for the comic characters Mark Windows has created, which hilariously take the mickey out of 'conspiracy theorists' and government agents who are used to distract us from the truth.


Alternative scientist Lloyd Pye

alternative scientist lloyd pye © doubtfulnews.com

Mark's tribute toalternative scientist Lloyd Pye, who recently died of cancer, features part of an interview about 'intervention theory', the idea that creatures did not evolve naturally on the Earth. See here.  

Mark's documentary on 'chemtrails'

mark s documentary on  chemtrails © wiki

Mark's documentary on 'chemtrails',  provides the evidence that this is part of geo-engineering, a covert attempt to manipulate our environment and weather. See here. 

The Bank of Ideas

the bank of ideas © libcom.org

Mark's expose of The Bank of Ideas, a alleged fake squat set up to actually stop squatting in public buildings.  It also looks at how the Occupy Movement was allegedly taken over by agents provocateurs who promoted Agenda 21, 'social dreaming events' at St Paul's and the Rand Corporation. -inspired Delphi Technique to enforce their own agenda. See here.  

Agenda 21 and Carbon Tax

agenda 21 and carbon tax © youtube

A follow up to the film above, made as the new reps for Occupy got on the mainstream media to promote Agenda 21 and Carbon Tax. See here. 

Ancient technology and natural energy

ancient technology and natural energy © TPV

Ancient technology and natural energy revealed with unique insights from studio guests on Mark's show on the People's Voice, Windows on the World. It gives insight into Orgonite, a form of free energy and has a report by author Brien Foerster on megalithic sites. See here.  

Phone calls to London Borough of Waltham Forest council

phone calls to london borough of waltham forest council © youtube

'This is one of many phone calls I made to London Borough of Waltham Forest council about the Single Persons Discount Validation form which is a contractwith an undisclosed third party', says Mark. 'I won in court and proved you do not have to sign this form as long as you supply your own information'. See here.  

The nine principles of policing

the nine principles of policing © net.org

Policing by consent: The nine principles of policing.  This came from a freedom of information request and reveals the original 9 points of policing.  It is a useful document to have on you to remind certain corporate drones operating as police of their duties under Natural Law. See here.

His comic persona of Harry the Hat

his comic persona of harry the hat © youtube

In this video, Mark is on hilarious form in his comic persona of Harry the Hat, music hall entertainer and alien abductee, who gives you the 'proper news'.See here.  

His other comic persona

his other comic persona © youtube

Mark takes on another comic persona to send up those who discredit people genuinely trying to get at the truth. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely co-incidental.  See here. 

The Olympic village

the olympic village © wiki

Sir Bastion Coal's visit to an empty Olympic Village -- when the event was supposed to be in full swing. Look out for the alien. See here.  

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