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Writer Richard Thomas’s Top Ten Strangest Conspiracy Theories

From British Big Cats To Illuminati Symbols

By: Richard Thomas
writer richard thomas   s top ten strangest conspiracy theories

It is often said truth is stranger than fiction. The following are ten of the weirdest sounding conspiracy theories I have researched, which could be true.


TEN: British Big Cats

ten  british big cats © youtube

Is the British Government covering up the existence of pumas or other big cats in the British countryside? Pumas and other big cats are not supposed to be roaming wild in the remote hills and countryside of Britain.

In 2010 newly released documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that a government agency tasked with investigating more than 100 big cat sightings across England since 2005, concluded that 38 were genuine. But if these creatures are in fact real, and not just the stuff of myth and human imagination, where could they have come from?


According to Cryptozoologist, people who study unknown species of animal, these beasts are the descendants of escapees. Richard Freedman of the Centre For Fortean Zoology (CFZ) told me: "Until the Dangerous Wild Animals Act in 1976 anyone could keep anything they wanted as a pet and up until the early 1980s any old duffer could start a zoo in their backyard! The nucleus of the current big cat population in the UK was from these irresponsible people." Another theory is that these British big cats are a form of "Zooform." In the words of Neal Arnold, author of Monster! - The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena, "a term coined by Fortean researcher Jonathan Downes who runs the CFZ to describe ‘a void of creatures’ which clearly aren't flesh and blood, yet which Cryptozoology and the paranormal realm attempts to file, and yet such 'monsters' fit into neither."

NINE: UFO Crash Retrievals

nine  ufo crash retrievals © wikipedia

Everyone has heard about the famous Roswell Incident, the alleged crash and recovery of a UFO by the US Government in the New Mexico desert in the summer of 1947. Few realise that there have been rumours of other UFO crashes, however, including some British cases.

The best known British is the Berwyn Mountains crash-story of 1974. Nick Redfern said of this case: "Back in the mid-90s, I was of the opinion that a UFO had come down, then I changed my mind after reading the research of Andy Roberts. However, I still get accounts now and again from locals and retired military people (all specifically from RAF Valley, interestingly enough) of knowledge of bodies recovered and taken to Porton Down, Wiltshire. So, I'll be the first to admit that, today, it's one that continues to puzzle me."

Another famous British crash case is the 1980 Rendlesham Forest Incident, which involved American airmen from RAF Woodbridge who reported seeing mysterious lights and a landed craft. French-born American scientist Jacques Vallee has suggested that the Rendlesham Forest Incident may have been some kind of psyop, pointing out that the American soldiers who went out to investigate the UFO that night were told to leave their guns behind.

Former MoD UFO investigator Nick Pope is sceptical about this theory, however: "As much as I respect Jacques Vallee, the psyop theory is extremely unlikely to explain the Rendlesham Forest Incident. I worked at the Ministry of Defence for 21 years. One of my jobs involved working closely with the Defence Intelligence Staff, while my final post was in a security-related job.

If this had been a psyop, there is absolutely no way that the authorities would have allowed a paper trail to be generated in the way that it was. The affair would have been allowed to play itself out, but the moment people started putting things in writing, those running the psyop would have had a quiet word and stopped anything from being committed to paper. Any documents had had slipped through the net would have been quietly withdrawn."

EIGHT: Rudloe Manor

eight  rudloe manor © Hawkins

Many in the British UFO research community believe that alien saucers in the possession of the British Government may have been kept at Rudloe Manor, a Royal Air Force station located south-east of Bath, between the towns of Box and Corsham. 

In a guest article for my blog historian Rupert Matthews wrote about the rumours linking the base with UFOs: "By the later 1990s the rumours had begun to take a more definite form … According to these reports, there was a vast underground complex beneath the apparently innocuous barracks and office buildings scattered in the grounds of the old manor house.

This much could be checked out and was accurate. The manor had been taken over by the RAF at the start of World War II precisely because these huge underground caverns existed.

They were the abandoned workings from which the much prized Bath Stone had been quarried out in the 19th century. Being deep underground the tunnels and caves were, of course, proof against German bombing. From 1940 onward a whole range of government and military units and installations were located in the tunnels of Rudloe Manor where they would be safe from the Luftwaffe. Much of what went on there at the time is now well known and while it was all vital to the war effort is hardly controversial."

Nick Redfern has also investigated Rudloe Manor-UFO connection, telling me: "The whole Rudloe-UFO saga has been a puzzle in itself. There's no doubt that the RAF's Provost & Security Services - who were based at Rudloe for two decades - have played a role in official UFO investigations.

There are even a few declassified files available at the National Archive, Kew. But the big question is the extent, or otherwise, of those investigations. Some researchers have suggested - and particularly Matthew Williams in the mid-to-late 90s - that Rudloe's role went far beyond that officially admitted by the MoD. Others merely see it as a minor aspect of official UFO investigations that got blown up out of proportion by the UFO research community.

As with the Berwyn case, I still get accounts now and again from people talking about how, at one point at least, Rudloe was involved at a far deeper level. But I will concede that actually proving this has not happened yet."

SEVEN: Chimpanzee-Human Hybrids

seven  chimpanzee human hybrids © wikipedia

In 2005 a story, which first appeared in The Scotsman, was widely circulated on the web that Soviet dictator Josef Stalin planned on creating an army of half-human, half-chimpanzee soldiers in the decades leading up to World War Two. The Georgian born Soviet dictator was alleged to have said to scientists: “I want a new invincible human being, insensitive to pain, resistant and indifferent about the quality of food they eat.”

This story, however, was debunked in an episode of the History Channel series Monster Quest. According to the program, the story was embellished by Russian newspapers and picked up by the western press. But there have been other stories of human-chimpanzee hybrids, or humanzees. In 2004 Britain’s channel Five broadcast a documentary about Oliver, a weird human looking chimpanzee that walked upright like a man. Some investigators speculated that Oliver might be a humanzee. DNA tests proved this wasn’t the case.

However, in the documentary scientists did speculate that humans and chimpanzees, who share 98.5% the same DNA, were closely related enough to reproduce together.

SIX: Illuminati Symbolism In Films

six  illuminati symbolism in films © Wikipedia

Fans of Dan Brown’s novel Angels and Demons will be familiar with the Illuminati and the conspiracy theory that this secret society behind world events hides its secret symbols and messages in plain sight in Hollywood films. One film riddled with examples of alleged "Illuminati Symbolism" is Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, a film based on a novel by sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. In that film, there are numerous examples of symbols and ideas often associated with the Illuminati and other popular secret society conspiracy theories on the web.

"The Owl of Bohemia," the "All Seeing Eye," even David Icke's Reptilians, an extra-dimensional race of reptiles, of which, Queen Elizabeth II is supposedly a member of, are given a nod to in the form of a replicant snake!

Author of the popular Secret Sub blog Christopher Knowles has his own thoughts on Blade Runner: "Well, we know that Dick was all over anything weird or mystical, but I don’t think he had much involvement in the movie itself. Blade Runner kind of presents us with this kind of technocratic dystopia that some of these elite cult types would see as the paradise of their apotheosis.

The cognitive elite in their penthouses and the poor, teeming masses huddled in the streets and the middle class a distant memory. The constant rain is kind of like the piss of the new gods in that regard. Maybe Scott incorporated some of those symbols as part of the overall social critique of this world that runs throughout the film. Maybe it was the screenwriter David Peoples, who also did similar films like Twelve Monkeys and Soldier."

FIVE: Mind Control And Assassinations

five  mind control and assassinations © blogsopt

About 80% of Americans say in polls that they believe there was a conspiracy to kill President Kennedy in Dallas, TX in 1963. But many believe that there was also a conspiracy to kill his brother Robert Kennedy.

The gunman Sirhan Sirhan has never been able to consciously remember the details of the shooting and has only been able to recall what happened under hypnosis. In the pages of a diary Sirhan kept leading up the assassination he wrote over and over again phrases like "RFK must die" and RFK must be assassinated, leading some to believe he was being mind controlled. Witnesses who saw Sirhan before the assassination that night said that he looked like he was in a trance and later after the assassination when police shined a torch in Sirhan's eyes his pupils were dilated as if Sirhan had been drugged. 

Richard Dolan, author of UFOs and the National Security State, thinks that Sirhan may have been the victim of a CIA program called "MK-Ultra." In a text interview for my blog Dolan wrote: "The technology of mind control is more substantial and goes back much farther than many people realize.

There were substantial efforts by the CIA and other agencies from the 1940s onward to find ways of harnessing the human mind. We all know about how the CIA pioneered the use of LSD during the 1950s, but many people forget it was in order to find the ultimate mind control chemical. Advances in hypnosis were also far more profound than is generally believed."

FOUR: Aliens Living Among US

four  aliens living among us © youtube

Is it possible that aliens live among us? When I interviewed UFO author Timothy Good he told me about two encounters with human looking extraterrestrials he believes he had: 

Yes, in fact I've had several encounters with beings I believe were from elsewhere. The first occurred at a diner near the Arizona/California border in November 1963 while I was on tour with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

It would take me too long to go into all the details, but it involved an unusual young woman who - in the presence of three of my colleagues - responded very positively, but non-verbally, to my telepathic question as to whether she was from elsewhere. Just after we left the diner in our convoy of three coaches, I was astonished to see a road sign for Desert Center - I'd no idea we were anywhere near there. Quite a coincidence!

The second encounter took place in the lobby of a hotel in the middle of New York in February 1967, between a rehearsal and concert with the London Symphony Orchestra. About half-an-hour after I'd transmitted a telepathic request for definitive proof that some aliens were living among us, an immaculately suited man walked into the lobby then sat beside me. Following my telepathic request to indicate by means of a certain sign if he was the person I was looking for, he did so immediately. Neither of us spoke. It was a cathartic experience for me.

THREE: The Secret Space Program

three  the secret space program © Wikipedia

Back in 2005 Garry McKinnon made international headlines after he was charged with various counts of hacking into Pentagon and NASA computers, in search of what the computer hacker described as ‘free energy technology,’ which McKinnon believed the US Government had reversed engineered from recovered UFOs. 

While the mainstream media largely concentrated on the US Government's dubious claim that McKinnon caused some $700,000 worth of damages to its computers, some truly out this world comments the supposed "cyber terrorist" made to the author of The Men Who Stare At Goats, Jon Ronson, in an interview printed in the July 9, 2005 edition of The Guardian were all but ignored.

In particular, McKinnon’s assertions that while hacking into the US space command he discovered "lists of officers names" under the tantalising heading "Non-Terrestrial Officers" as well as records of what McKinnon called ‘fleet-to-fleet transfers' and a "list of ship names." 

Rather than extraterrestrials, though, the computer hacker told The Guardian columnist that he thought he had found evidence of a secret space program of some kind. When Ronson asked McKinnon "The Americans have a secret spaceship?" McKinnon answering, "That's what this trickle of evidence has led me to believe."

Author of UFOs and the National Security State Richard Dolan has speculated that advanced technology obtained via UFO crash retrievals in the 1940s and 50s could of lead to the creation of a ‘parallel human civilisation’ separate from any government with its own secret space program: "That’s when I realized, very concretely, that the notion of space anomalies was indeed a serious topic.

I began to consider: if there is covert interest in the anomalies on Mars, would there be a covert space program to investigate? To this day, I don’t know the answer with certainty, but over the years I have encountered no shortage of quiet, serious-minded people who tell me of their knowledge that there is such a covert program. One component of this, it appears, has to do with the Moon. Are there bases on the far side of the Moon? Again, I do not know for sure, but I cannot rule it out. More than once, people I consider to be informed insiders have steered me in this direction."

TWO: Chemtrails And Global Population Reduction

two  chemtrails and global population reduction © Wikipedia

Chemtrails, not to be confused with plane contrails, are a new phenomenon which has struck all over the world. Chemtrails differ from conventional airplane vapour contrails in that they usually extend continuously and expand to transform into a cirrus type cloud layer. Best selling author Jim Marrs wrote about the chemtrail phenomenon in a guest article for my blog: 

High levels of Barium, along with aluminum oxide, already had been identified among the contents of chemtrails by tests. During a three month period in 2002, three separate rainwater and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, were collected and submitted for formal double-blind laboratory analysis.

Therese Aigner, an accredited environmental engineer, found significant amounts of barium, aluminum, calcium, magnesium and titanium in the samples, all of which had a verified chain of custody. Ms Aigner concluded that that the consistency of the findings indicated 'a very controlled delivery (dispersion) of chemtrails by aircraft in your area.' She added that whoever was responsible for the chemtrails was violating more than a half dozen federal laws and regulations.

But if the governments of the world are conspiring together to covertly spray the global population with dangerous chemicals, why are they doing this? Johnny Maedows (a pseudo name) told me: "Although many of the hypotheses regarding chemtrails warrant further investigation, I keep veering towards the population control agenda. Henry Kissinger's NSSM-200 states the global elite's plan to reduce world populations by at least 3 billion by the year 2050.

This number could be far greater if you believe the Georgia Guide-stones or Ted Turner's pronouncement that 95% of world populations need to be eliminated. NSSM-200 states that artificial food scarcity can be created and used as a weapon to create famines, thus reducing the world population to more manageable levels."

ONE: NASA’s Project Blue Beam

one  nasa   s project blue beam © wikipedia

Project Blue Beam is an alleged NASA plan to stage a fake alien invasion using holograms and use this staged crisis to create an authoritarian world government. The basic premise of Project Blue Beam that the US alphabet agencies like the CIA encouraging the belief that UFOs=aliens was explored by Mark Pilkington in his book Mirage Men.

The earliest version of this story I know of is a speech made by British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden to the UN in March 1947, in which he posits that an invasion by Martians would be the only thing that might unite the world's nations. Of course the Roswell incident took place four months later, something that was picked up on by former intelligence agent Bernard Newman in his 1948 novel The Flying Saucer. In which scientists stage a fake invasion to bring about world peace.

Reagan famously alluded to the idea again in 1987, also talking to the UN. It's a common motif in science fiction - I was recently pointed to an Outer Limits episode, “The Architects of Fear,” which follows the same premise.

There are rumours that Wernher von Braun believed that a false ET invasions was on the cards, and it's something that UFO researcher and Manhattan Project scientist Leon Davidson also talked about in the 1960s referring to the contactees, who he thought were being deceived in elaborate setups by the intelligence agencies. It's a very appealing idea whether true or not. 

As a screenwriter and filmmaker himself conspiracy researcher Johnny Maedows (a pseudo name) sees evidence that we are all being programmed via TV and films to fear an alien invasion: "The alien invasion hoax is also another reason why so many Hollywood science fiction movies involve aliens arriving in vast armadas to destroy us and take over our planet.

They were quite prevalent in the 50s and you can find modern-day examples like Independence Day, War of the Worlds and even Mars Attacks. Very few movies about extra-terrestrials actually involve aliens with peaceful intentions.

E.T. certainly comes to mind, but even movies where they arrive as our benevolent "saviours" like The Day The Earth Stood Still, is still another permutation of the New World Order hoax, in which case it's about giving up our sovereignty, our 'petty little differences' as Reagan put it, and joining a fascist global regime in order to achieve an alleged 'world peace.' It will be world peace but with a seriously heavy price on our freedoms."

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