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7,000-year-old Relic Found In Ancient Cave -'Undeniable Proof Of Alien Life'

Alien treasure reveals ufos and flying saucers

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 26th January 2018 @ 4.52pm
some of the sculpture appears to show ufo flying saucers floating above the earth © press
Some of the sculpture appears to show UFO flying saucers floating above the earth.

An ancient relic that was discovered in a historic cave has caused many Alien and UFO experts to claim it is 'concrete proof' aliens have already loved on earth.  

In the video (BELOW) you can see a number of Klaus Dona artifacts, which are known to date back thousands of years, some of which display alien-like figures fearing long faces and round eyes similar to that of the Greys.

Some of the sculpture appears to show UFO flying saucers floating above the earth.


© press

One expert who viewed the relics said that it was "undeniable proof" of alien life. 

Daily Star reports: there are completely unexplainable and some claim it could be proof that several other races co-existed thousands of years ago.

These figures are popular among locals of the caves.

© press

The clip was captured in Mexico and uploaded to YouTube channel UFOmania yesterday.

Since then it has racked up almost 30,000 hits and attracted a host of comments trying to get to the bottom of the mystery.

One read: “Haven’t seen these artefacts before, but none of this surprises me. There’s a lot more to come.”

© press

And another added: “Incredible evidence to support that extraterrestrials have been engaging the human race for a very long time.”

A third believed: “They lived on Earth for over 7,000 years and they created man.” 

© press

But some were not as convinced, stating they may not be entirely real.

A viewer pointed out: “All in mint condition, I reckon they are fake.”

There has been an increased number of reported cases surrounding UFOs lately.

Yesterday, it was reported a US military plane was searching for a UFO base believed to be hidden 2,000ft underwater.

And on Monday a mysterious 26ft smoking crater was also discovered in Mexico.

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