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Study: Women Store DNA From Every Male They Have Sex With

Male DNA found in women's brains cause concern

By: Daniel Newton  |@NeonNettle
 on 26th June 2017 @ 3.46pm
women absorb and retain the dna of every single man they sleep with © press
Women absorb and retain the DNA of every single man they sleep with

A new study by the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center has revealed that Women absorb and retain living DNA  of every single man they have sex with. 

When scientists were trying to determine if women who had been pregnant with a son might be more predisposed to diseases usually found in men, then also found in the study that the female brain also absorbs male DNA.

The study also had two implications: The first was that women could absorb DNA through her lifetime that changes her phenotype (her overall appearance and Health. Some women who are known to be promiscuous with multiple sexual partners have been known to change appearance.

The second implication comes from the fact that single mothers have DNA from their children residing permanently within their bodies.

Thus a man who reproduces with a single mother will have a child that retains the DNA from the previous child.

women could absorb dna through her lifetime that changes her phenotype © press
women could absorb DNA through her lifetime that changes her phenotype

According to Rossv.com If a woman absorbs Y-chromosome genes from male sperm via casual sex, this would easily explain why women with high notch counts exhibit more masculine traits, something that any international playboy can anecdotally confirm. The promiscuous girl becomes more masculine because various masculine genes are being inserted into her genome and affecting her phenotype.

Some of the older ideas on telegony, dating over a century, now don’t seem so left field:

French biologist and philosopher Felix Le Dantec in his work “Individual Evolution, Heredity and Neo-Darwinists” (1899) mentions several facts that demonstrate telegony. But the evidence was quite pseudo-scientific even for that epoch. The author gave two examples with animals and one for humans.

Le Dantec wrote that some farmer told him that once his swine copulated with a boar and their pigs absolutely resembled the father in color. But when the same swine copulated with another boar some pigs of the second farrow still resembled the color of the male pig the swine had copulated first.

a man who reproduces with a single mother will have a child that retains the dna from the previous child © press
a man who reproduces with a single mother will have a child that retains the DNA from the previous child

He also wrote about Lord Morton who first interbred a mare and a zebra and got a hybrid of horse and zebra. Next time he interbred the same mare with a horse. As a result of the second copulation the lord still got a colt that had lines resembling those of a zebra.

Microchimerism is on the leading edge of genetic research that has lately included epigenetics, which is the switching on and off of certain genes due to environmental cues. Epigenetics has raised questions against evolutionary theory because it shows genetic adaption can occur within individual organisms without the need for natural selection. New research is revealing how little we actually know about how the human genome works, suggesting a more complex picture than we’ve imagined.

Sociological research was the first to show that marrying women with a robust sexual history increased the likelihood of a failed marriage. Now genetic research adds more evidence to show that such women will birth children that—to a degree we don’t yet understand—are not entirely of the father’s. Because this new field of research is politically incorrect in painting strongly negative consequences for women leading a “strong and independent” promiscuous lifestyle, we are unlikely to see liberal universities approve much in the way of further research in this area.

For thousands of years, a woman’s purity was cherished above all else when it came to creating a family. Now the scientific community is confirming the validity of that practice. Until the science is settled, men who insist on reproducing with a promiscuous woman should at least demand to interview her previous sexual partners so he can become familiar with the men whose genes may be passed on to his future children.

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