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7th December 2016NEWS
NEW SMS Records Reveal Assange Was Framed By Police For Sex Case By Jacky Murphy

NEW SMS Records Reveal Assange Was Framed By Police For Sex Case

New SMS records show that the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was framed by police for the first sex case. The women accusing Assange of rape have now individually admitted that they were having consensual sex with him that they initiated.Sarah Anderson was Julian Assange’s girlfriend for a long time and both UK and US wanted to question her.Assange was also the victim of a dating site called toddandclare.com, who also targeted the Wikileaks founder in fabricating claims.Assange has described it as “a highly suspicious and likely fabricated” companyAccording to Julian Assange's Testimony"Six years ago today, on 7 December 2010, I was handcuffed and locked into Wandsworth prison by order of a Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny. I had not and still have not been charged with an offence. The claimed grounds for my arrest and extradition without charge were so that Ny could question me. But it was not until six years later - three weeks ago - that I was questioned for the first time. I have decided to release my responses. But first, some background:I am Australian. I am not Swedish. I do not speak Swedish. I have never resided in Sweden.I am entirely innocent. I was already cleared of exactly this allegation in 2010 by the Chief Prosecutor of Stockholm, Eva Finne, who closed the case.During the height of the Pentagon’s conflict with me the following month, the allegation was resurrected by the current prosecutor, Marianne Ny. It was immediately seized on to extinguish my freedom of movement and harm my reputation.Without even bothering to take my statement, the Swedish Prosecution Authority broke its own rules and released my name to a tabloid newspaper. Prosecutor Ny went on to produce more than 40 press releases and press conferences about me. As a result, to this day more than half a million webpages falsely conflate my name with the word "rape".For six years I called for my statement to be taken so that the ‘preliminary investigation’ might again be swiftly closed.In February this year the United Nations found that Prosecutor Ny has caused Sweden and the UK to breach their international human rights obligations. The UN found that her actions are subjecting me to "cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment" and an unlawful deprivation of liberty which must immediately cease.Finally, as a result, last month Marianne Ny sent a deputy and a policewoman to London to question me over two days, but – true to form – my Swedish lawyer was excluded from the room in yet another breach of my basic rights.On 30 November the United Nations re-affirmed its decision in relation to my case. I am now releasing my statement to the public. The reason is simple. I want people to know the truth about how abusive this process has been. Furthermore, in the past the prosecution has fed partial information to tabloids that politically oppose me. It is better that my statement, which I am happy with, and which makes it obvious to all that I am innocent, sees the light in full.
8th December 2016FEATURES
Scientists Have Discovered How To Upload Knowledge To Your Brain By Jay Greenberg

Scientists Have Discovered How To Upload Knowledge To Your Brain

Imagine being able to learn a new language or an entirely new skill such as martial arts or the ability to fly a plane without having to do any of the hard work á la The Matrix... Well, thanks to science, this may now be possible by "uploading" information directly into your brain via a neurostimulator that can give someone improved cognitive and motor abilities. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO The Telegraph reports: Feeding knowledge directly into your brain, just like in sci-fi classic The Matrix, could soon take as much effort as falling asleep, scientists believe. Researchers claim to have developed a simulator which can feed information directly into a person’s brain and teach them new skills in a shorter amount of time, comparing it to “life imitating art”. They believe it could be the first steps in developing advanced software that will make Matrix-style instant learning a reality. In the neo-noir sci-fi classic, protagonist Neo is able to learn kung fu in seconds after the martial art is ‘uploaded’ straight to his brain. Researchers from HRL Laboratories, based in California, say they have found a way to amplify learning, only on a much smaller scale than seen in the Hollywood film.   They studied the electric signals in the brain of a trained pilot and then fed the data into novice subjects as they learned to pilot an aeroplane in a realistic flight simulator. The study, published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, found that subjects who received brain stimulation via electrode-embedded head caps improved their piloting abilities and learnt the task 33 percent better than a placebo group. “Our system is one of the first of its kind. It's a brain stimulation system,” explained Dr Matthew Phillips. "It sounds kind of sci-fi, but there's large scientific basis for the development of our system.
7th December 2016FEATURES
Sandy Hook False Flag Exposed: Complete List of Unanswered Questions By Jay Greenberg

Sandy Hook False Flag Exposed: Complete List of Unanswered Questions

The Sandy Hook "Massacre", or Sandy Hoax as it's become known, is widely considered to be one of, if not, the most obviously fabricated false flag conspiracies in recent history. Despite there being more evidence pointing towards Sandy Hook being a scripted event rather than a genuine tragedy, many people still believe the mainstream narrative in which 20-year-old Adam Lanza gunned down 20 children and 6 adults at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. With the story being paraded on TV by the mainstream media and the roles of grieving "victims" being played out by crisis actors, it's not surprising that people fell for the tragic tale as it first unfolded, but as more people wake up to gaping plot holes, the event is now starting to become exposed as nothing more than engineered conspiracy designed to sway public opinion. Activist Post reports: Sandy Hook has become colloquially known as the Sandy Hook Hoax or Sandy Hoax, the first false flag in recent history to be exposed as an entirely fabricated event, replete with a fake setting (a fake school) and fake victims. It marks the first in a series of false flag hoaxes were fake victims and fake victims’ families (crisis actors) have been used. Since the majority of people still cannot fathom that Sandy Hook was a staged event, the template of using crisis actors has been used again and again (e.g. at the Boston Marathon). Now, it’s time to turn back the clock and re-examine some unanswered questions pertaining to the event. By the way, if you think Sandy Hook no longer matters, ask yourself why Amazon (on behalf of the US Government) felt so scared it had to engage in censorship by trying to ban Jim Fetzer’s book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (available for free here). Sandy Hook is still very relevant because it was a scam of massive proportions. Take a look how many false flag mass shootings are still being carried out monthly and even weekly (e.g. Paris, San Bernardino) to terrorize the public, push gun control and achieve other political and geopolitical aims. Sandy Hook: 33 Unanswered Questions There are still some who cannot bring themselves to believe that criminal elements within the US Government could pull off a false flag hoax like this. Yet, it must be remembered that in this day and age it is all too easy to fake photographic and video evidence. Photoshop and other software programs allow the user to construct any kind of photo they want. If you want to know some of the truth about what really happened at Sandy Hook, 2 of the best documentaries (out of many) that expose the absurdity of the official narrative and provide alternative theories are We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook (various independent media analysts) and Unraveling Sandy Hook in 2, 3, 4 and 5 Dimensions (Sofia Smallstorm). Here is a list of 33 unanswered questions about Sandy Hook: Sandy Hook: Foreknowledge and Preparation 1. Why was a Facebook web page for the alleged dead teacher Victoria Soto of Sandy Hook Elementary School posted before the event occurred? 2. Why was the United Way charity web page for Sandy Hook posted before the event occurred? Google caught evidence of foreknowledge: this United Way charity website page was launched on Dec. 11th, 2012, a full 3 days before the mass shooting at Sandy Hook actually occurred! 3. How did the Arlington Red Devils website post the book on Talking With Children/Students About the Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting on 12/10/2012 (which was contained in the page URL), 4 days before the event occurred? If this were some kind of technical glitch, then how did Google’s bots manage to record a cached page for 12/13/2012, still 1 day before the Sandy Hook shooting happened? 4. How did John Trentacosta (whose house was next to the Lanzas with a lot of activity occurring there at the time), who was CEO of the local Newton bank, start a victims’ fund on the same day so quickly after the event, after receiving in his words “countless requests” to do so? Is it just a coincidence that Trentacosta was also a member of a new council of the New York Federal Reserve, the Community Depository Institutions Advisory Council? 5. According to various researchers, why was the Newtown community seeded with new families in the years leading up to the event? 6. According to Wolfgang Halbig, why were 16 state troopers pre-positioned 45-60 minutes before the alleged shooting?
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