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21st February 2017NEWS
4 Russian Diplomats Killed In The Last 3 Months By Jay Greenberg

4 Russian Diplomats Killed In The Last 3 Months

Russia's ambassador to the UN has just been found dead in NYC, but he's actually the fourth Russian diplomat to have died in suspicious circumstances in the space of three months. Vitaly Churkin was one of the most respected figures in international diplomacy and had overseen some of the world's most important events on behalf of Russia in a position that he had held for almost 11 years. Churkin's death has raised many questions since he faced a great deal of hostility from both the Bush and Obama administrations and his resolution of a ceasefire in Syria has left many disgruntled warmongers within the US Government. Once we look back and realize the Churkin's death was, in fact, the fourth suspicious death of a Russian diplomat in the last three months, and the fifth in the last two years, then alarm bells certainly start ringing. In a statement by the former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morrell;  “We make them pay the price by killing Russians covertly”  According to The Duran: His death, a day before his 65th birthday, is a tragedy first and foremost for his family, friends, and colleagues. It is also a deeply sad day for the cause of justice, international law and all of the principles of the UN Charter which Churkin admirably upheld in the face of great obstacles. His death, however, raises many uncomfortable questions… Here are 5 things that must be considered: 1.  A Macabre Pattern Has Emerged   Beginning in 2015, there were several deaths within the Russian Diplomatic corps and a special Russian Presidential adviser. –LESIN First, there was Russia’s RT founder and special adviser to President Putin, Mikhail Lesin. He died in November of 2015 in his hotel room. Reports said that he appeared discombobulated during his last sighting before he died. Later it emerged that he died of a blunt head trauma. Drinking was blamed, but many questions were left unanswered. –MALANIN Earlier last month, Andrei Malanin, a Senior Russian Diplomat to Greece was found dead in his bathroom. The causes of death remain unknown. –KADAKIN Just last month, Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, an always prestigious role, died of a heart attack, although no one was aware of any previous health issues. –KARLOV In December of last year, Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a lone jihadi gunman in an art gallery.  There was no effective security as the killer simply walked up to Ambassador Andrei Karlov and shot him multiple times in the back. –CHURKIN Vitaly Churkin is the highest profile member of Russia’s diplomatic corps to die in recent years. 2. A Motive For Foul Play?  All of the recently deceased Russian Ambassadors were high profile targets for miscreants and criminals, whether state actors, mercenaries or fanatics. Lesin was an instrumental in the creation of RT, a news outlet which has come under constant attack from the western establishment. Malanin had overseen a period of warming fraternal relations between Greece and Russia at a time when Greece is feeling increasingly alienated from both the EU and NATO. Karlov is said to be responsible for helping to facilitate the rapprochement between Presidents Erdogan and Putin. Kadakin oversaw a period of renewed tensions between India and Pakistan at a time when Russia was trying to continue its good relations with India whilst building good relations with Pakistan. On the 31st of December, 2016, Churkin’s resolution on a ceasefire in Syria passed in the UN Security Council after months of deadlock. The resolution is still in force. Anyone who wanted to derail the diplomatic successes that the aforementioned men achieved for Russia would have a clear motive to extract vengeance.
13th January 2017ENTERTAINMENT
Madonna Tried Witchcraft To Make Trump Lose Election By Jay Greenberg

Madonna Tried Witchcraft To Make Trump Lose Election

Pop star, Madonna, has revealed that she practiced witchcraft on the night of the US Presidential Elections in a bid to make Donald Trump lose. The 58-year-old former "queen of pop", who posted nude photo's of herself on Instagram in support of Hillary Clinton, claims she used Jewish mystical witchcraft and meditated whilst a friend recited verses from the Quran to stop Trump becoming the next US President. Much like her nude photo, that was removed by Instagram, it looks as though things didn't quite go to plan for the millionaire singer. YNW reports: Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna described focussing on Trump’s image on the TV screen while “lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives” as her agent and friend recited verses from the Quran. She goes on to say that her agent knew someone who worked on the Clinton campaign and that early in the night they heard that things were not going as expected for the Democratic nominee. ‘It was just like watching a horror show. And then she was reading from the Quran, and I was reading from the Zohar,’ said Madonna, referring to the collection of stories about Jewish mysticism that is central to the Kabbalah. ‘We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only,’ said the 58-year-old, seemingly puzzled that God wasn’t interested in answering the prayers of a woman who earlier in the campaign promised oral relations with anybody who voted for Hillary.
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