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28th March 2017NEWS
Anthony Weiner's Child Porn Victim: The FBI 'Helped Abuse To Continue' By Jay Greenberg

Anthony Weiner's Child Porn Victim: The FBI 'Helped Abuse To Continue'

The teenage victim of disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner's pedophilia has blasted the FBI saying that James Comey "helped the abuse to continue" as it would be helpful for his own career to do so.The young girl, who is now 16 years old, describes herself as a "survivor" of Elite "predatory" pedophile Weiner in an open letter she has written to the press in which she says the FBI had the power to protect her but instead chose to add to the abuse to further Comey's agenda.The estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Weiner is currently facing up to 15 years in prison for the production of child pornography, and the girl who penned the letter - signed "Girl that lost her faith in America" - was the target in these alleged charges, being a minor at the time.According to True Pundit, the girl’s family has since released this letter to selected media outlets including True Pundit and updated its content. We have gone out of our way to respect the girl’s privacy and have not asked for an interview. We are not interested in further exploiting her plight. Unfortunately, according to the North Carolina high school junior (sophomore during Weiner relationship), the same cannot be said for the FBI and Comey.The victim’s own harsh words should likewise serve notice to defectors in the media who defended Weiner and Clinton last week after True Pundit published an expose detailing that Hillary was well aware of Weiner’s sextcapades with the youth during her presidential campaign but did nothing to protect her.
27th March 2017FEATURES
Children's Cartoons On YouTube Discovered With Hidden Sadistic Scenes By Jay Greenberg

Children's Cartoons On YouTube Discovered With Hidden Sadistic Scenes

Thousands of videos on YouTube have been discovered by parents that have been disguised as familiar children's cartoons but are full of violent, sadistic and inappropriate scenes. At first glance, the shows just look like a regular animated series like the popular Peppa Pig but have been altered and disguised and quickly turn dark with violence and other disturbing content, with a soundtrack containing distressed screams and crying. Due to the nature of YouTube's filtering algorithm, it's difficult to detect such videos automatically, and some of these videos can easily end up in a playlist with other innocent cartoons or recommended by to viewers of regular cartoons. BBC reports: Parent and journalist Laura June almost immediately noticed something was not quite right as her three-year-old daughter was watching it. "Peppa does a lot of screaming and crying and the dentist is just a bit sadistic and it's just way, way off what a three-year-old should watch," June says. She wrote about her experiences on the website The Outline. "But the animation is like close enough to looking like Peppa - it's crude but it's close enough that my daughter was like 'This is Peppa Pig.'" It's far from an isolated case - BBC Trending has found hundreds of similar videos of children's cartoon characters with inappropriate themes. In addition to Peppa Pig, there are similar videos featuring characters from the Disney movie Frozen, the Minions franchise, Doc McStuffins, Thomas the Tank Engine, and many more. Some of the videos are parodies or have such over-the-top content that they're clearly meant for mature audiences. Others are unauthorized copies of authentic cartoons or use the characters in innocent ways - troubling to copyright lawyers perhaps, but not necessarily harmful to children. However many, like the video Laura June's daughter saw, both contain disturbing content and can pass for the real cartoons, particularly when viewed by children.
13th January 2017ENTERTAINMENT
Madonna Tried Witchcraft To Make Trump Lose Election By Jay Greenberg

Madonna Tried Witchcraft To Make Trump Lose Election

Pop star, Madonna, has revealed that she practiced witchcraft on the night of the US Presidential Elections in a bid to make Donald Trump lose. The 58-year-old former "queen of pop", who posted nude photo's of herself on Instagram in support of Hillary Clinton, claims she used Jewish mystical witchcraft and meditated whilst a friend recited verses from the Quran to stop Trump becoming the next US President. Much like her nude photo, that was removed by Instagram, it looks as though things didn't quite go to plan for the millionaire singer. YNW reports: Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna described focussing on Trump’s image on the TV screen while “lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives” as her agent and friend recited verses from the Quran. She goes on to say that her agent knew someone who worked on the Clinton campaign and that early in the night they heard that things were not going as expected for the Democratic nominee. ‘It was just like watching a horror show. And then she was reading from the Quran, and I was reading from the Zohar,’ said Madonna, referring to the collection of stories about Jewish mysticism that is central to the Kabbalah. ‘We were doing everything: lighting candles, meditating, praying, offering our lives to God forever, if only,’ said the 58-year-old, seemingly puzzled that God wasn’t interested in answering the prayers of a woman who earlier in the campaign promised oral relations with anybody who voted for Hillary.
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