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24th August 2016NEWS
Government Orders Water Supply To Be Cut Off To Native Americans By Jacky Murphy

Government Orders Water Supply To Be Cut Off To Native Americans

North Dakota Homeland security has ordered police to remove water tanks from Native Americans who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Despite the agonising heat, the government is now moving in to remove any access to water for the native americans. countercurrentnews reports: Thousands join protest camp as supporters are holding a rally in Washington D.C. on Wednesday outside of Army Corps hearing. Growing in number and spirit, the Standing Rock Sioux protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline is swiftly gaining strength ahead of a federal hearing on the controversial project. Support has spread across the country, and thousands have descended on the peaceful “prayer camps” in recent days, prompting state officials on Monday to remove the demonstrators’ drinking water supply. North Dakota homeland security director Greg Wilz ordered the removal of state-owned trailers and water tanks from the protest encampment, despite the sweltering heat, because of alleged disorderly conduct, according to theBismarck Tribune, including reports of laser pointers aimed at surveillance aircraft. “People are getting overheated now already,” said Johnelle Leingang, the tribe’s emergency response coordinator, as temperatures hovered around 90º F on Monday. “It’s very hurtful.” The supplies were provided last week by the North Dakota Department of Health at the tribe’s request to support the roughly 2,500 people now gathered along the Standing Rock reservation’s border on the Cannonball River, near where the pipeline is slated to cross. Standing Rock spokesman Steven Sitting Bear said he’s received “notifications from tribes all over the country that have caravans in route, so it’s continuing to grow.” On Wednesday, high profile activists and supporters are rallying in Washington D.C. outside the U.S. District Court, where members of the Standing Rock Sioux will argue that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted Energy Transfer Corporation approval for the 1,172-mile pipeline without tribal consent. The tribe says that the pipeline—which will carry up to 570,000 barrels of fracked Bakken oil daily across four states to a market hub in Illinois—puts the sacred waters of the Missouri River at great risk. “The Army Corps of Engineers might back off… We might, after five centuries, actually listen to the only people who’ve ever successfully inhabited this continent for the long term.” Climate campaigner and 350.org co-founder Bill McKibben penned an op-ed on Monday titled “After 525 years, it’s time to actually listen to Native Americans.” McKibben notes that in recent years Indigenous people like the Standing Rock Sioux “have been the vanguard of the movement to slow down climate change,” and offers a vision of “what it might mean if the if the Army Corps, or the Obama administration, simply said: ‘You know what, you’re right. We don’t need to build this pipeline.'” “It would mean that after 525 years, someone had actually paid attention to the good sense that Native Americans have been offering almost from the start,” he continues: One has the ominous sense of grim history about to be reenacted at Standing Rock. North Dakota authorities—who are in essence a subsidiary of the fossil fuel industry—have insisted that the Sioux are violent, that they have “pipe bombs.” There are rumors about calling in the National Guard. The possibility for renewed tragedy is very real. But the possibility for a new outcome is there as well. The Army Corps of Engineers might back off. The president might decide, as he did with Keystone, that this pipeline would “exacerbate” climate change and hence should be reviewed more carefully. We might, after five centuries, actually listen to the only people who’ve ever successfully inhabited this continent for the long term. Construction on the pipeline remains halted after developers paused the project last week in anticipation of the Wednesday hearing. Meanwhile, a U.S. District Court hearing on whether a preliminary injunction should be issued against the protesters has been rescheduled from Thursday to Sept. 8, although a restraining order against the demonstrators has also been extended until then. Filing the order on Monday, U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland wrote that factions are ‘”strongly encouraged to meet and confer in good faith’ to try and resolve the dispute out of court,” the Tribune reported. Updates are being shared on social media with the hashtags #NoDAPL and#RezpectOurWater.
24th August 2016NEWS
Death Toll Rises After Deadly Earthquake Ravages Italy By Jacky Murphy

Death Toll Rises After Deadly Earthquake Ravages Italy

38 people have died in an earthquake which struck of central Italy which has caused the collapse of buildings and blackouts throughout the region. Emergancy services have scrambled to save residents throughout the city, many still trapped under the buildings. Yahoonews reports: At least 38 people are believed to have been killed and many more unaccounted for after a strong earthquake struck central Italy, reducing buildings to rubble and causing blackouts. The European Mediterranean Seismological Centre said the epicentre was northeast of Rome, near Norcia in Umbria, while the US Geological Survey (USGS) put the magnitude at 6.2. "It was so strong. It seemed the bed was walking across the room by itself with us on it," said Lina Mercantini, of Cesalli, Umbria. As dawn broke, emergency services and residents were scrambling to rescue people trapped under the ruins of razed old buildings, digging with shovels, bulldozers and even their bare hands to reach survivors. :: Why Italy Has To Live With The Constant Threat Of Earthquakes Dazed and frightened families - some in tears - could be seen huddling in the streets, wrapped in blankets. Several people were reportedly killed in Pescara del Tronto, in the Marche region, to the east of the quake epicentre. Seventy-five-year-old Rocco Girardi was brought out alive from the carnage in Arquata del Tronto. Aleandro Petrucci, the village's mayor, said Pescara was one of "two or three hamlets that have just completely disintegrated". The mayor of Accumoli, where the quake has also claimed lives, said he had seen no signs of life from a family of four, including two children, trapped under debris. "Now that daylight has come, we see that the situation is even more dreadful than we feared," said Stefano Petrucci. Sergio Perozzi, mayor of Amatrice, a picturesque town in northern Lazio turned to ruins by the quake, said buildings had collapsed and lights had gone out across the town centre. "The town isn't here anymore," he said. "There are voices under the rubble, we have to save the people there." There have been many fatalities, but images also showed survivors - including a woman and a child - being pulled out alive from beneath the ruins, as well as a dog rescued. At the town's badly damaged hospital, patients were reportedly being moved out into the streets. The town's clock tower stood frozen, showing the moment the deadly quake struck - just after 3.30am local time - while people were asleep. The tremor was felt across a large swathe of the country, including in Rome. Pope Francis prayed for victims and survivors, saying: "Hearing the mayor of Amatrice say that the town no longer exists and hearing that there are children among the victims, I am deeply saddened." In 2009 a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck in L'Aquila, 55 miles south of the latest quake, killing more than 300 people.
24th August 2016FEATURES
Mark Zuckerberg Asked Why He Allows Police To Control Facebook Posts By Jacky Murphy

Mark Zuckerberg Asked Why He Allows Police To Control Facebook Posts

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire for his involvement in the Korryn Gaines’ case. The baltimore police department rrecently requested Facebook shut down the Korryn Gaines’ account to which they agreed. Organizations are now asking the CEO about his actions. blackmattersus.com reports: Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook has recently come under fire for his unpleasant involvement in the Korryn Gaines’ case. The multi-billion dollar company owned by Zuckerberg shut down the account of Korryn Gaines’ upon request by the Baltimore Police Department. A lot of organizations have called on the young C.E.O to explain his action. Among the groups was the coalition of 41 civil rights and consumer advocacy groups who requested the company to clearly come out on its position when it comes to working with law enforcement to censor data and video. Zuckerberg was further asked to create a policy that is transparent and at the same time, protects the civil rights of people. In their letter to Facebook, the group admonished the social media giants to be steadfast in their operations; they stated, “In light of these recent events, now is a crucial moment to demonstrate that Facebook as an institution does not silence individuals at the request of the police.” However, Facebook has confirmed to shutting down the account of Gaines earlier this month upon the request of the police. The spokeswoman for the company also acknowledged receipt of the letter and stated that it was under review. Korryn Gaines was shot dead by a police officer on Aug. 1st at her residence. The officer had come to arrest her for not appearing in court following a previous traffic offense she committed. According to the police, Gaines pointed a gun at the officer which made him also shot her. In the process, the 5-year-old son of Gaines was hit in the face by a bullet. Gaines made a video recording of her interaction with the officer and posted it on Facebook. In the letter, the group reminded the company that the social network platform has become one of the best means to share information, educate and raise awareness. It stated in its letter, “Increasingly, this platform isn’t just a place where news is shared within social networks, but a platform where news is broken,” they wrote. “If your company agrees to censor people’s accounts at the request of police — thereby allowing the police to control what the public sees on Facebook — then it is part of the problem.” From what had transpired in previous cases of police brutality against Black people, it is obvious that the police hide the video evidence when it incriminates them. Moreover, we have seen cases when body cameras have been turned off by the police while on duty. For this reason, we need social networks such Facebook to be free and fair in their dealings. We demand the release of Korryn Gaines’ account.
23rd August 2016FEATURES
Nibiru Captured For 1st Time On Camera Behind The Blood Moon By Jacky Murphy

Nibiru Captured For 1st Time On Camera Behind The Blood Moon

The new Blood Moon is set to signal the arrival of the highly speculated 'Nibiru' according to new theories. The last Blood moon we saw was last year, but this one is allegedly hiding an Alien planet and  has reportedly been photographed behind the our moon and is set to signal catastrophes on earth.  SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO According the The Express: ITS arrival will signal cataclysmic events for Earth, according to doomsday predictors who claim planet Nibiru IS coming and has been photographed emerging behind our Moon. Nibiru, or Planet X, is an alleged huge planet with a vast orbit, that conspiracy theorists claim will one day pass so close to Earth that its gravitational pull could break havoc on our planet, triggering earthquakes and other catastrophic events. And now conspiracy theorists have somehow tied it in with the infamous blood moon events of a year ago that appears to be happening again. Now, a YouTube channel claims an image of Nibiru has been captured on camera for the first time over Pensylvania in the USA. And what's more it claims the mysterious planet is what causes our moon to turn blood red. Blood moons are actually caused by the positioning of the sun and moon when solar rays cast a red reflection over the full lunar surface. Last year blood moons set the internet on fire because there was a rare tetrad of them which began on April 15 2014, followed by another red-coloured lunar eclipse the following October, a third on April 4 2015, and a final one last September. The incredible alignment of blood moons has only happened a handful of times in the last 2,000 years. As a result, it was claimed the final one last September would signal events that would lead to the end of the world. "There is absolutely no doubt there is a planet in our solar system that does not belong there, something we have not seen in our lifetime or this century or the last few centuries of the past." The conspiracy theorist continued to speculate that world governments knew Nibiru was coming, but would refuse to tell us right up to the end. He added: "I believe now is the time for full disclosure, but we will not see the full disclosure, because our government is hiding this cataclysmic event. "This was the third blood-red moon in 90 days seen in our skies. "I guess the time is now to prepare. Whatever mid-September holds in about 30 days, if we see another blood red moon, I would have to say Nibiru is upon us, and now is the time to start preparing. "I don't know how much time we have." Fortunately for us, since the rise of the internet and YouTube, doommongers have been predicting the arrival of Nibiru now for many years. And, so far, many earlier dates have been foretold and come and gone without any sign of the mysterious planet and the so-called doom it is supposed to bring with it.
The Killing$ Of Tony Blair - The Film That Will Open Your Eyes By Sophia Akram

The Killing$ Of Tony Blair - The Film That Will Open Your Eyes

THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR Tony Blair was responsible for the near killing of the Labour Party , the killing of Iraq and the huge killing that was made after his role of prime minister of the United Kingdom.  George Galloway’s introduction of the documentary film about the former British leader at the helm of the country between 1997 and 2007 makes no bones about it. Galloway holds in high contempt not only the most noted aberrations of his leadership, namely leading us into the Iraq war, he holds in contempt everything he did before that and also what came afterwards. Using archived footage, animation and illustrations from award-winning political cartoonist Steve Bell, George Galloway narrates us through key highlights of Blair’s political career. Where the high points of his interventionist approach such as Kosovo, saw him as a messianic hero, saving nations from impending conflict and dictatorship, Galloway also reveals his messianic pursuit of personal glory and financial reward. He reminds us of the political leverage he used to gain endorsement from one of the world’s biggest media moguls and his shady deals and corrupt undertakings that saw court suits against BAE and other corporations. He subsequently used the vast contact book of a former premier, to formulate a multi-million-pound business enterprise, Tony Blair Inc, making six figures on the public speaking circuit, enjoying a huge property portfolio and connecting people amongst a world of dictators, torturers and murderers, those he purported to condemn during his premiership. And to ensure he delivers a massive F**k you to all those he disaffected after his invasion into Iraq and ineffective strategies in the Middle East peace process, his appointment as Middle East Peace Envoy was the perfect piece of satire to a contemptible political career. Galloway is joined by other notables and former officials offering personal insights into the man that has arguably tainted the political office of the British prime minister as well as the Labour Party on the international field. Commentators such as Lauren Booth, Stephen Fry, Peter Oborne and others, with contempt informs and helps shape the narrative that sews together the stitches that has brought Blair to where he is today. In a period when, arguably, the nation’s politicians have never looked worse amidst the chaos of the post-referendum meltdown, the subsequent disarray within the major parties and the findings of the Chilcot Report, THE KILLING$ OF TONY BLAIR is a timely and thought-provoking exposé on the corruption of the UK’s political elite. The film releases on Wednesday 27 July 2016  in cinemas nationwide starting with screening and Q&A with film maker, George Galloway, co-hosted by Keith Allen. For more information visit www.emfoundation.com.
22nd February 2016ENTERTAINMENT
INTERVIEW: Bulletproof in The Loft Portsmouth By Sam Meaghan

INTERVIEW: Bulletproof in The Loft Portsmouth

The South- London quintet, formally known as The Bulletproof Bomb, are comprised of Joel Douglas on Lead Vocals & Guitar, Thomas Butler on Bass, Robbie Cottom on Keyboard & Vocals, Mike Hendry on Guitar, and last but certainly not least, George Thompson on Drums. Amidst the release of their latest track, ‘Little Miss London’, and a change in name, Bulletproof have embarked on a 10-date tour. Halfway through the tour Bulletproof stopped off for a gig in Portsmouth, for the first time nonetheless. With a rapturous sound, Little Miss London, appears to be another fan favourite to add to their set list. Though most of their songs are often 3 minutes of high tempo guitars and a barrage of drums, Little Miss London is more of a downbeat, ska driven tale of boredom in a suburban club, as Joel, the lead singer, says, “It’s about a nightclub in Sutton. We went there one night and it was terrible so I wrote a song about it.” Little Miss London first appeared on Youtube when the band played it for the first time live at Reading and Leeds on the BBC Introducing stage. Guitarist, Mike Hendry admits that, “When we first started playing it, I used to make up what the solo was and change it each time.” Singer Joel interjected with, “Don’t you still do that?” Jokingly Mike replied, “No not anymore”. So far on the tour the band had covered the north in towns such as Sheffield and  Leeds, which were both sold out, Barnsley and Stoke. The Portsmouth gig was taking place in the rustic venue of The Loft, which is situated just on top of the pub, The Kings Arms. Though they had played many stops that are usually considered staples for a band of their size; Sugarmill in Stoke, which is always a favourite of the band’s to play, and Oporto in Leeds, they probably wouldn’t have played a venue with a décor that their nan’s would be proud of. Their newest single Little Miss London was received quite well. But it was interesting to find out that they all preferred playing different songs live. “Five Green Bottles is always good” said Robbie, to which the band agreed. There is also a new song to be released soon, “We’ve got this track called Limbo, I like playing that one.” Joel said. “I like playing Siege it’s always a bit fun” said Thomas, but George agreed with Joel, “I’m with Joel, Limbo’s a bit more groovy.” In the least diva way, the band’s rider consisted of Chilli Heatwave Dorito’s (the best ones) and a crate of beers (requesting anything but Carlsberg). A part from that though, the only common occurrence with regards to a “tour ritual” as such was that, Mike was often late. Keyboard player, Robbie Cottom, said: “Mike being late would be one of them… He did once miss a flight”.
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